Acid, blotting paper, blots, microdots, tabs, trips, Lucy, the chemical name is Lysergic Acid Diethylamide


LSD is the original psychedelic drug. It is a man-made chemical that usually comes in tiny dot-like tablets or small squares of blotting paper that are called tabs of acid. When you take a tab of acid you will experience a trip.


If it is mild, acid will give you a dreamy experience. Colours and lights look very vivid. You will probably see sparkly trails following moving objects. All your senses become very sensitive. 

If the acid is strong then you can experience full-blown hallucinations. You will see and experience things that don't exist. 

There is no way of knowing how strong a tab of acid is. 

People can have 'bad trips', where they experience extreme fear, paranoia, depression or panic. The chances of this are increased if you take acid when you feel at all stressed or unhappy, because acid builds on how you already feel. A trip can last anything from 5-12 hours.


The most common problem with acid is the 'bad trip' experience. If you try it, make sure you are in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. 

If you use regularly and often you can suffer with mental illnesses. If you have a family history of mental illness then acid is best avoided. 

Some people have complained that they suffer acid flashbacks long after a trip. These are not really understood and may or may not be related to the acid.


LSD is an illegal Class A drug. The maximum penalty for possession is 7 years in prison and life for supply. You can get an unlimited fine for both.


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