What is it?

Coke is a white powder that comes from the Coca plant. It is usually snorted (inhaled through the nose with a straw). It can be injected or swallowed. It can be made into a smoke-able drug - known as crack .


Coke makes you feel exhilarated, confident, excited and speedy. The buzz lasts for up to an hour. There is an immediate comedown when you might feel you want more.


Because the buzz is so short it can be tempting to put off the comedown by taking more and more. This makes it really addictive. You can develop a tolerance to coke over one night. By the end of the night you'll need more of it to get the same effect that you got when you started. 

Snorting coke can damage your nose. Long term it can give you serious heart and breathing problems. It can also make you feel depressed.

When the effects of the cocaine turn out badly, the user feels restless, anxious and suspicious. Sometimes the user feels so suspicious that it can turn into paranoid delusions. For example, users may be afraid that they are being followed. 


Cocaine is an illegal class A drug. The maximum penalty for possession is 14 years in prison. For supply it's life in prison. You can get an unlimited fine for both.


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