The name amphetamine refers to a whole group of man made stimulant drugs. They speed up your whole mind and body. 

Amphetamine pills used to be prescribed by doctors to help people slim - ever heard of black bombers and purple hearts? These are not around now. The only prescription amphetamines now are Dexadrine and Ritalin. 

Street speed usually comes as a white or off white powder or sticky ice crystal looking. This is usually amphetamine sulphate. Dealers sell it by the gram in little paper wraps. 

You can add to a drink, wrap it in a rizzler and swallow it, snort it (inhale through a straw up your nose) or inject it.


If you swallow it, you'll feel it coming on 30-50 minutes after taking it. It makes you feel bright, alert, chatty, wakeful. You'll lose you appetite, clench your jaw, feel warm, get sweaty palms, overdose can result in cardiac arrest, stroke, coma, or even death.

There is a definite come down from speed. The following day you will feel low, sluggish and generally washed out. The longer you've been going for, the worse the comedown.


Long term use of speed can really screw up your head. People get bad mood swings, paranoid and anxious depression. 

If you have an underlying heart problem, speed can trigger a heart attack. It can also trigger epileptic fits in anyone who is prone to them. 

If you use a lot you'll probably build up a tolerance to the drug and then you'll need more and more to get the same effect.


All unprescribed amphetamines are illegal Class B drugs. The maximum sentence for possession is 5 years in prison. For supply it goes up to 14 years in prison. If you have speed that is prepared for injection then it is treated as a Class A drug. You could get 7 years in prison for having it in this form. All sentences can come with an unlimited fine.


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