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Stretch and Longmans story is truly unique. It is an inside look at the treacherous, double-dealing and corrupt world of drug trafficking and prison life.

They were two Slough street boys and drug users who started smoking and selling Cannabis at the ages of 12. Friendly and sociable, they rose to the top, buying in bulk and selling cheaply, moving easily within the inner circles of power.

Big enough to make money, small enough to stay off the police radar. The status, the money and the influence were part of the seduction. Without a care in the world they made and lost more money than most people make in a lifetime. Living the good life wherever they went.

When they were arrested and tested in Brazil at ages 20 and 24, they had 20 kilos of cocaine in their possession, and no less than 5 of the most common recreational drugs in their systems.

During their time in prison they were surrounded by drugs, it's easier to get drugs in prison than on the streets. Temptation was everywhere. Awoken each morning by the other prisoners doing business as usual, walking round offering cocaine R$5.00 (£1.00 a line.)

When Stretch and Longman were quitting they had to resist an offer of a "FREE" line of coke at least 20 times a day.

With strong willpower, and a lot of help from Prisoners Abroad and Pastor's John and Richard, Stretch and Longman turned their lives around, settling down and leaving "the life" behind them.

Choosing instead to live simpler lives, helping others. Longman is now a author, artist, and movie extra.

"We don't think we know everything, but on these subjects we know more than most and strongly advise against taking any and all drugs, especially without understanding the consequences and side effects."


After being in the notorious Brazilian prison system for just 24 hours and not knowing the Portuguese language they went from rich to poor, robbed, beaten, starved stripped and humiliated and that was just the guards.

The second day they witnessed their first really heavy bit of police brutality and by the second week they had seen a multitude of human rights atrocities including several fights, two riots, nine murders, and a river of blood..

In Rio, Bangu prison developed a deadly reputation for being under the control of the C. V gang, with the television show Fantastico showing images of prisoners openly selling and taking Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, hashish, Alcohol.

Riots there in 2004 left over thirty inmates dead, some brutally beheaded and burned, as the situation looked to be lurching out of control. According to the Penitentiaries Department, the number of prisoners in Brazil in December 2009 was 473,626, every year the number of beds that prisons lack increases by four thousand.

The Bangu Penitentiary Complex is a maximum security prison, composed of 17 penal unities. Nine of them are penitentiaries (only the Talavera Bruce is a women's prison), one is a penal institute, four are safehouses, one is a penal sanatorium and there are two hospitals

They were taken to various hell on earth type "lunatic asylums" or Mental hospitals they’re officially named, witnessing the lowest levels of human depravity.

At least 4,500 people living with mental disorders in Brazil are currently incarcerated in psychiatric prisons.  These institutions blur the lines between patient and inmate, psychiatric treatment and criminal detention, and lead many patients into a judicial maze leaving them behind bars for the rest of their lives.

These prisoners live without adequate treatment or protection - a violation of the UN's principles for the protection of persons with mental illness.

Spending three and a half years locked in dark, dirty, dingy, smelly, overcrowded cells, suffering temperatures of extreme heat and freezing cold, lack of food, water and hygiene, battling sickness, boils, bed bugs and mosquitoes.

In a place that has more deaths per year than a war zone they were witnesses and participants in hand to hand fights, knife fights, gang fights and killings.

Longman has decided to tell that story. A book about his life in prison in Brazil. A Story of Money, Murder and Survival – written by himself and edited by his friend ex mafia boss John Alite. He hopes the book will be a springboard to other opportunities to tell the story in other mediums.



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